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Senior Wellness

Importance of Senior Pet Wellness

It can be hard to admit when we see the signs of old age in our animal companions, but the fact is that most dogs are considered seniors when they hit seven, cats around nine. Pets age much more rapidly
than humans, which means diseases and illness progress quicker as well.

To ensure that your pet has the longest, healthiest, most comfortable life possible, AllPets Animal Clinic encourages you to bring your senior pet for exams and blood tests twice each year. This way, we can track how your pet is aging, and we’ll be more likely to catch any developing diseases before they’re big problems.

Senior Wellness Exams Typically Include

Blood tests are one of the most important parts of a senior exam. These blood screenings—often referred to as a “senior panel”— monitor red and white blood cell counts and reveal how well the
kidney, liver, pancreas, and thyroid are functioning. Your vet may recommend a chest x-ray to ensure that the heart is a normal size and that there are no masses in the lungs.

Periodontal disease is always a threat to our pets’ health and comfort, and it’s particularly tough on older pets. That’s why a dental exam is always part of any senior pet screening as well.

Finally, make sure to let your vet know about any behavior changes in your pet. Once dogs and cat get to the geriatric stage, monitoring for signs of cognitive dysfunction—such as losing housebreaking, getting
lost or wandering aimlessly—is very important.

Palliative Care

At AllPets Animal Clinic, we recognize the unique needs of pets facing serious illness or advanced age. Our skilled veterinarians work closely with you to develop personalized palliative care plans tailored to your pet’s specific condition and individual requirements. We prioritize open communication and take the time to listen to your concerns, answering any questions you may have along the way.

Our comprehensive palliative care services encompass pain management, symptom control, and emotional support for both you and your pet. We employ a multidisciplinary approach, combining the latest advancements in veterinary medicine with a deep understanding of your pet’s overall wellbeing. Our experienced team utilizes a range of therapies, including medication management, acupuncture, physical therapy, and nutritional support, to enhance your pet’s comfort and improve their quality of life.

We believe in providing a peaceful and nurturing environment, where your pet can find solace and relief from distressing symptoms. Our dedicated staff is trained in gentle handling techniques and strives to create a calm and soothing atmosphere for your companion. We also offer compassionate end of-life care when the time comes, ensuring a peaceful transition in a loving setting.

When you choose AllPets Animal Clinic for palliative care, you can trust that your pet will receive the highest standard of care and support. We are here to guide you through this difficult journey, offering empathy, understanding, and a shoulder to lean on.

Osteoarthritis Pain

OA is a type of arthritis that occurs when the tissue in your dog or cat’s joints starts to get worn down, causing bones to rub against one another. This not only makes it more difficult for your pet to get
around, but OA can also cause severe pain. Without treatment, your pet’s pain can continue to get worse.

Osteoarthritis in Felines

When it comes to osteoarthritis, feline companions may silently suffer. Cats are masters at concealing their pain, making it crucial for you, as their caretaker, to be vigilant. As the one who knows your cat’s playful nature and preferences better than anyone else, you are key in recognizing behavioral changes that could indicate osteoarthritis. Your veterinarian relies on your observations to provide a precise diagnosis. If your cat displays signs of pain related to osteoarthritis, take the initiative to discuss it with your vet and start helping your feline friend.

Feline OA Pain Checklist

Learn more about the symptoms and signs of OA in your cat by reviewing the checklist HERE.

Recommended Treatment

AllPets Animal Clinic is proud to carry Solensia, the first and only FDAApproved treatment to control OA pain in cats. While cat OA isn’t curable, the pain from OA can now be effectively managed.

Solensia helps your cat get back to moving more freely again and stops OA pain from disrupting the unique bond they share with you in a once-monthly injection.

End-of-Life Services

We understand that saying goodbye to a beloved pet is an incredibly difficult and emotional experience. During this challenging time, we offer compassionate and comprehensive end-of-life services to ensure that your furry friend receives the utmost comfort, dignity, and respect.

Our dedicated team of veterinarians and staff members is here to support you and your pet throughout the end-of-life journey. We prioritize open and honest communication, taking the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide guidance every step of the way.

When the time comes, we offer peaceful and serene environments where you and your pet can find solace. Our specially designed spaces provide a quiet and comforting atmosphere for you to say your final goodbyes in a way that feels right for you and your cherished companion.

Choosing AllPets Animal Clinic for your pet’s end-of-life care means choosing a team that will treat you and your beloved companion with the utmost respect, compassion, and empathy. We are here to help you say goodbye in the most compassionate and dignified manner possible, ensuring that your pet’s final moments are filled with love and tranquility.

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