Extensive In-House Laboratory

Our in-house IDEXX laboratory gives us same day, point-of-care diagnostic abilities and allows us to internally evaluate every patient prior to anesthesia. Our wide variety of blood and SNAP tests allow us to accurately diagnose heartworm disease, leptospirosis, canine and feline pancreatitis, giardia, feline leukemia, FIV, Cushing’s/Addison’s disease, and UTI’s among many others.  We also have the ability to send samples out for confirmation on more complicated cases to ensure we are treating your pet accurately and effectively.


We are also excited to be partnered with VetConnect PLUS which helps us gain a holistic view of your pet’s health, view trends & abnormalities, and analyze graphs to view your pet’s historical and most recent blood work values. 
We are more than happy to give you any and all copies of your pet’s results – just ask us!