Surgery & Advanced Technology


Dr. Roti and Dr. Gansemer are highly experienced in routine procedures such as spays and neuters. They also perform oral surgeries, dental extractions,  and growth removals among other surgeries. Dr. Roti is also experienced in declaws, ophthalmic, orthopedic, and more invasive surgeries. 

All of our patients are evaluated on a case-by-case basis as we recognize no two patients are the same. A general anesthesia protocol is formulated for each individual patient prior to surgery. Your pet is closely monitored during any general anesthetic/sedative procedure and all incisions are “blocked” by a numbing agent prior to closure to allow the patient maximum comfort for several hours after surgery. These patients are also sent home with post-surgical pain medication.

Aesculight CO2 Laser 

With every surgical procedure (and required for feline declaw procedures), we offer state-of-the art laser surgery.  A CO2 laser replaces the need for a scalpel blade and instead removes tissues via highly concentrated light rays. Because of this, the benefits of using a CO2 surgical laser are numerous:

  • Minimal bleeding
  • Less pain
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Faster recovery time
  • Decreased swelling & discomfort
  • Reduced surgical time
  • Ability to perform surgeries in difficult locations
  • Enhanced visibility of surgical field for surgeon

Video Otoscopy & Endoscopy

  • Otoscopy is a routine examination tool in which the ear canal and tympanic membrane (ear drum) are able to be visualized using a low beam of light. AllPets has a video otoscope in each exam room where real-time video of the ear canal is projected and magnified onto a screen for you to view alongside the doctor. 


  • Endoscopy is a non-surgical procedure used to visualize parts of the digestive tract. While the patient is under general anesthesia, a flexible camera is inserted into the patient’s GI tract to allow the doctor to visually examine the digestive system in color and real-time. Endoscopy can also be utilized to non-surgically remove certain esophageal or stomach foreign bodies.

Advanced Digital Radiology

Our on-site x-ray equipment produces high quality digital  images in just seconds – allowing the doctor to immediately evaluate the images as well as show and discuss the findings with you. Our digital system also allows us to easily send off images to board-certified radiologists to review if needed or email to you for your own record keeping. It eliminates the costly film developing process, decreases patient radiation exposure, & is extremely quick.